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Power Crank Batteries

Power Crank Batteries

All Powercrank Batteries sold by Woodleigh Automotive Have a minimum warrranty period of 24 months, with some Platinum Series editions offering up to 36. These batteries are most cost effective alternative options with the sacrafice of quality, Powercrank Batteries have been proven to out perform some of the biggest names in the battery industry lasting well past there their expected used by dates, they are also used by Hyundai And Kia manufactures as their choice for all their vehicles at OEM standard.


    Larger Vehicles Require Larger Batteries to crank the engine over, depending on the application of the battery a larger (More Expensive Battery May Be Quoted To Suite Your Requirement For It's Application.


    Our Pricing Includes Labour For Battery (R&R) Disposal Of Old Battery Corosion Inhibitor & Protections Treatment. With Prices Starting From Only $80 - $200 (Automotive Petrol & Diesel Light Vehicles)

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