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Narva L.E.D HeadLight Bulbs

Narva L.E.D HeadLight Bulbs

The Navara L.E.D Headligh Bulb Upgrade Kits are the perfect thing if you are looking to brighten up your night driving. 

Starting from just $200 these kits include the bulbs for your parker lights, low beam & high beam setttings, for the left and right hand front head lights on your vehicle. Boasting a huge 3 year warranty these bulbs will improve the brightness of your vehicles lights 150%.


    The pictured product details a H4 style head light bulb which has both high and low beam settings built in. Depending on the type of bulbs that are used in your vehicle, 2x L.E.D kits may be required to achieve complete high and low beam settings as some vehicle use an individual bulb for each setting.




    All quoted pricing includes the labour time to install the correct kit to your vehilce, prices vary depending on the type of bulb specifically used in your vehicle

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